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Name:Captain America/Iron Man Round Robin
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated
Community description:A round robin community for the Captain America/Iron Man
This is a Round Robin community specifically for fans of Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (sometimes known as Captain America and Iron Man). Posting access is limited to currently active members, and membership is by invitation only. The first Robin of the community will be limited to specific people, and we will not be accepting new members until whenever the second round approaches. Currently, this is intended for a small, select group. Don't ask for an invite. Not only will you be denied, but you will be eyed sideways. (Like so: ¬-¬ )


[personal profile] tsukinofaerii & [personal profile] valtyr are your friendly neighborhood mods. Please PM them with any questions that aren't covered in the FAQ.

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It's senior year at Marvel High School, and the semester is just starting to rev up. The cheerleading squad just finished try-outs, and co-captains Janet van Dyne and Steve Rogers already have hopes of going to Nationals. In addition to getting the squad ready, they have to deal with inner-squad drama. Jan and her boyfriend, star quarterback Hank Pym, have been on the outs since Steve transferred in last year. On top of that, Wanda and Pietro Lehnsherr—siblings and cheerleaders—are a little too close for comfort. Finally, Natasha Romanov, a Russian student who is staying with family, just broke up with her boyfriend, Tony Stark.

Tony is rich, a genius, and one more failing grade away from being held back. Before the results of try-outs are posted, he makes the mistake of declaring to Natasha that he can have any cheerleader on the squad. Natasha, of course, picks Steve. Somehow, Tony has to figure out a way to get into Steve's pants.

Meanwhile, Mjolnir, a local garage band led by Thorlief Odinson, is slowly gaining school-wide popularity. Sam Wilson, captain of the football team and Steve's lab partner, has recently returned from an internship in Brazil. Finally, Bruce Banner, always the quiet kid at the back of the class, is busy preparing for the science fair, where he'll have stiff competition from Sam, Jan, Hank and Tony.

Principal Fury, of course, does not approve, but he's having a rough time of his own., trying to handle a war in the PTA between Professor Charles Xavier (who runs a local foster home) and Erik Lehnsherr, the CEO of Magneto Corp.

It's going to be a long year.
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